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UBSTR, the short form of You Buy, Sell, Trade and Rent is a modern-age Fintech platform that aims to disrupt the equity trading by introducing a state of the art decentralized equity exchange based on blockchain technology and Alpha Contracts, adding time flow to peer-to-peer blockchain-based stock sales and investment platforms enabling it simple and for all. By enabling timestamping and Time-Flow, the UBSTR Platform provides a proprietary multi-factor ranking system that helps investors and traders of all backgrounds in discovering stock market winners and allow them to make timely and profitable investment decisions and future contracts.

Its proprietary time-value model uses predictive analytics and data mining techniques to uncover and exploit patterns found in historical and projected stock market data while combining it with AlphaContracts containing a hash value of the previous transactional history of a specific stock and find the best stocks. Moreover, to avoid incorrect assessment of assets, sales of unjust shares, and potential threats to other investors, the UBSTR platform will be subject to a background check by a team of financial experts, all of which are listed for public equity sale.

Traditionally, all stock exchanges are based on centralized platform architectures. However, the UBSTR coin platform, on the other hand, provides UBSTR G-Chain (Patented blockchain decentralized technology) with a time flow that measures the present value over time, providing
full transparency and full-time history (provenance) of all transactions performed within the platform, and this way not only adding immutability to the transactional data but also adding trust among transacting bodies in the future. The UBSTR platform organizes the stock market by bringing connectivity, stability, identity verification, transparency, security and trust in past transactions to traditionally unstable stock markets. Its native coin named as UBSTR Coin will enable a decentralized economy within the UBSTR ecosystem allowing users to you buy, sell, trade, and rent with Time Flow at the present time, with asset stability and originality.